Scheme is a classic programming language in the Lisp family. It emphasizes functional programming and domain-specific languages but adapts to other styles. Known for its clean and minimalist design, Scheme is one of the longest-lived and best-studied dynamic languages, and has many fast and portable implementations.

What's new in Scheme

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Try Scheme Type Scheme code and run it in your browser
FAQ Frequently asked questions about Scheme
Cookbook Code snippets that solve common problems
Standards Revisedn Report on Scheme and other standards
SRFI Scheme Requests for Implementation
Research Dive into the academic research behind Scheme


Community Scheme gathering spots around the internet
Events Scheme Workshop, conferences, and other meetups
Planet Blog posts from every corner of the Scheme community
Video Videos about Scheme
Lists Mailing lists for email discussion of many Scheme topics
Wiki Scheme community wiki


Education Learn Scheme, and learn computer science using Scheme
Applications Software written or scripted in Scheme
Communications Comms and networks: TCP/IP, WebSockets, peer-to-peer, radio...
Persistence Databases, encoding, and logging
Testing Everything having to do with testing in Scheme
Web development HTTP, HTML, JavaScript, WebAssembly, and other web standards


Implementations Browse and compare all known Scheme systems
Bigloo Fast Scheme-to-C and Scheme-to-JVM compiler R5
Chibi-Scheme Small embeddable interpreter with many optional libraries R7
CHICKEN Scheme-to-C compiler with a big, friendly community R5 R7
Cyclone New Scheme-to-C compiler with native threads R7
Gauche Fast script interpreter with many built-in libraries R5 R7
Kawa JVM compiler with many extensions to Scheme R7
Loko Scheme Bare-metal native-code compiler R6 R7
MIT/GNU Scheme Native-code compiler and development environment R5 R7
s7 Embeddable interpreter for music applications R7
Sagittarius Script interpreter with many built-in libraries R6 R7
STklos Interpreter with CLOS object-oriented GUI R7
Ypsilon Incremental native-code compiler, mostly concurrent GC R6 R7


API Programmable queries for all things Scheme
Containers Ready-to-run Docker containers of Scheme implementations
Documentation Study and explore Scheme implementations and libraries
Manual pages Unix manual pages for tools and libraries
Files Scheme file archive
Registry Catalog of identifiers and other data used around Scheme
Servers Server pool for Scheme projects